Protection Canopies

The safety of workers and pedestrians in or around a construction project is paramount. For projects located in busy areas, erecting a sidewalk canopy is necessary to safeguard people from falling debris. As a premier source of protection canopies; also called a “sidewalk bridge” or “sidewalk shed”, Magnum Construction Services custom designs their protection canopies for the each building, allowing for the greatest pedestrian mobility and safety.

Magnum Construction Services is authorized to provide protection canopies for Washington and Oregon. Working from our yard near Seattle, we specialize in heavy duty, light duty, and rolling sidewalk protection canopies. All of the equipment we use is in compliance with strict OSHA regulations and surpass all regulatory codes. All of the erectors at Magnum are certified Scaffold Technicians.

Magnum Construction Services also specializes in emergency projects, and will attempt to install the protection canopy for you within hours, not days, of receiving your call.

Durable Enclosures, Wraps and Netting

Working in the Pacific Northwest, especially the Washington and Oregon areas, means you need to work year-round in all sorts of inclement weather. If your project needs a durable enclosure or containment system that can be installed one time and hold up through the duration of a construction job, then we’ve got the solution for you!

Our enclosures, wraps, and netting systems are designed to keep your workers and their work areas protected, dry, and warm. We have the right containment system for your project, with materials such as:

  • Debris Netting which allows air circulation to improve the working environment for construction personnel. It also protects traffic and pedestrians from falling debris, and considerably reduces rain and wind penetration.
  • Wrap/Containment System which helps contain dust, water, paint, fumes and other pollutants that could give rise to hazards to people or the environment. Can be securely fastened to almost any structure creating a continuous bonded skin.
  • Man Rated Perimeter Nets are a retractable netting system that provide added fall protection for workers above the nets, and passive debris protection for workers below. They are great for use during renovation, any high-rise new construction.

Magnum Construction Services is available to assist you with all of your emergency scaffolding needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call our scaffold company now at 425-766-6804 to request emergency services.

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