Specialty Scaffold Systems

Magnum Construction Services has the ability to design and install specialty systems to allow contractors to be more productive, and improve access to areas when there are unique obstacles and challenges.

Stair Tower

Magnum Construction Services provides a variety of staircase towers to give easy and safe access to all levels of your jobsite. From complex exterior staircase solutions to simple internal access stairways, Magnum constructs towers to provide its customers with temporary work access, while meeting OSHA’s top safety standards.

Scaffold Lifts and Hoists

Magnum Construction Services provides a wide selection of scaffold hoists and lifts that ensure rugged, reliable performance, time after time. Ideal for roofers, carpenters, painters and plaster contractors for a cost-saving, safe way to transport your construction materials and personnel.

The Beta Max Scaffold Hoist Advantage

One main brand of hoist we provide is Beta Max Hoist, Inc. We like this company because they offer safe and reliable hoist systems that will increase productivity and worker safety.

Popular with contractors is the Maxial Track Scaffolding Hoist. The Maxial Track is designed specifically for the unique demands of scaffold erection. It is safe and simple to use, and works with Frame, System or Tube & Clamp scaffolding.  Not only is this track scaffold hoist built to allow quick loading and unloading of pipes and frames, its track is designed to easily build with you, and mounts inside or out.

Another productive hoist offered by Beta Max is the Leo Hoist. This wire rope hoist delivers 2,000 lbs of lifting capacity at an attractive price. Lift heavy stone and brick to work height at speeds of 80 fpm. The Leo wire rope hoist uses a flexible I-Beam mounting option that will configure to each unique jobsite.

Debris Chutes

If you are performing a high-rise construction or an interior demolition, using debris chutes is the most convenient solution. Disposing debris with a secure chute increases efficiency and productivity by saving time and reducing hazards. Chutes are installed from the point of exit directly to a dumpster below providing you with ease of access. Well-positioned debris chutes will enhance the debris removal process and help you keep the jobsite clean and safe at all times.

Magnum Construction Services provides full service installation of Heavy Duty High Density Polyethylene Debris Chutes. Our debris chutes offer a safe alternative to other debris disposal methods. We customize our chutes to meet the specific needs of general contractors, roofers, and construction companies. Contact us for your next construction debris removal project.

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